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Our sorbet are made with fresh, seasonal fruits and ingredients. Just like the gelato, sorbet are also produced daily in small batches.


Raspberry - Lemon - Mango - Passion Fruit - Black Currant - Strawberry  


Lemon - Lime - Mango - Passion Fruit - *Grapefruit - *Cherry


Gelato is ice cream made Italian style, with unique recipes. Our gelato is made daily in small batches at our main location in the Byward Market. 


Bacio - Pistachio - Chocolate - Hazelnut - Chocolate Peanut Butter - Coconut 

All of our products may contain traces of nuts.

Affogato, hot chocolate, steamers and milkshakes all made from our handcrafted gelato and sorbet.

AFFOGATO: A gelato of your choice with a shot of espresso. Served Cold!

STEAMERS: A gelato of your choice mixed and steamed with a little bit of milk. Served Hot!

HOT CHOCOLATE - Made out of our chocolate gelato. Mixed and steamed with a little bit of milk. Served Hot!

MILKSHAKE - A gelato and/or a sorbet of your choice. Served Cold!

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